Wedding Booking System

The Wedding Industry's #1 Marketing & Sales System


Wedding Booking System will continue to expand into more markets in more countries around the world impacting venue businesses with a proven system. With over 160 venues using the system in 11 countries around the world, WBS will channel it's reach, knowledge and delivery of results to the venues that need it most.

With anticipated growth of competition for venues over the next 5 years, our marketing and sales system is now the backbone of the most successful venues in the world.


To create more profits for venues by providing a marketing and sales solution that requires less manual labor, while yielding higher ROI than any other platform or marketing solution.

Our 5-Step system empowers venue owners while putting them back in control of both their time and their profits. Wedding Booking System is a partner of The Venue Association and resources are shared to positively impact venue owners through guidance and community.

Joe Rare

Founder & Creator

Family Above All and he’s really good at marketing!

Everything I do is for my family, they are the reason I work hard, obtain knowledge and have become obsessed with creating results.

Being a natural entrepreneur, I love creating solutions to the problems businesses face. But, it took me more than 3 years to convince one of my closest friends to allow me to help with marketing for his wedding venue.

I entered the wedding industry with one venue giving me a shot at improving their sales opportunities and growing their bookings. In 14 months we doubled the size of the business booking 116 multi-day weddings. And we've done it each of the past 8 years straight, with little effort. We created the future of marketing and sales for the wedding industry.

Clients Who Love WBS

Free PDF: Instant Access

Free PDF: Instant Access