Social Media Isn’t What You Need

  by JoeRare

10 months ago · 3 minutes min read

It’s a bold statement and some of you may have heard me say this before. Social Media isn’t what you need. Watch this video or just keep reading below.

Joe here and I was sharing this info with a client this morning, so I wanted to pass it along to you as well as it’s a common question.

A lot of time and attention gets spent trying to figure out the best Social Media strategy. How often to post? What to post? What time of day? How to get more people to follow your Facebook page or Instagram account?

…But guess what?

I really doesn’t matter to the depth you think it does. Let me explain.

In the past  7.5 months, a few things have happened…

  1. I invested in 4 more venues, now I own and/or am a partner in 5 venues.
  2. I’ve taken on 49 new venue clients in the United States and Europe.
  3. We have tested big social media accounts vs small ones for venues and clients in more markets than you can imagine.
  4. There is exactly no difference in the number of weddings being booked as it correlates to follower count.
  5. Posting schedules don’t result in more bookings.
  6. Having a real, somewhat consistent presence on the social platforms is viewed by potential couples as “proof” that you’re a legit business.
  7. The fastest, most consistent and most inexpensive way to get more inquiries, tours and bookings is advertising on those social platforms. Hands down.

Okay, that was a lot and probably got you frustrated, or you don’t believe me, or you’re excited. You choose.

So what does that mean and how do you wrap your head around it? Think of this…

In any market there is approximately 1-2% of the population is engaged at any given time. If you have a million people in your area, that’s approximately 10,000-20,000 people who could “like” or “follow” you on social media.

Here’s the kicker… they are only searching for a venue for 30-90 days and then they are no longer part of your target market. They chose another venue and won’t be doing business with you.

So, focusing on growing an audience with a really short value cycle is time-consuming and expensive (labor costs). Plus it yields very few actual bookings in retrospect.

If you took that same labor cost and time cost and invested it into paid advertising on those platforms, you’d generate 100x more legitimate leads and therefore, more tours and more bookings.

It’s really simple when you step back and view it from a 30,000 ft view. Marketing is mostly a math game. Some creative is involved, but if the math works, you have ROI that you can’t fathom…

Have you ever made a 1,000% return on your money? 2,000% return? How about 12,000% return on your money? This is what we see every single day because we don’t just post on social media and “hope” someone contacts us, we are actively advertising on those same platforms to generate real interest and ultimately bookings.

…Oh, and guess what happens by default? Your followers will grow, your engagement will grow and your pages will become more relevant. Advertising is the powerhouse of social media.

Stop wasting time and invest in your business using mediums that matter.

If you have any questions about this post feel free to shoot me a text message direct by clicking here: 916-472-0044.


Social Media Isn't What You Need | Wedding Booking System