From The Top | Pre-Inquiries

  by JoeRare

Oct 22, 2018 · 2 minutes min read

Pre-Inquiries is a term we coined and it has a simple meaning with a dramatic level of importance in any wedding business. Every engaged couple in your market is a “pre-inquiry” for your business. 

They are researching where to get married and who to hire as vendors. This includes taking referral recommendations from friends and family, then searching your website, social media profiles and looking to see if you’re the right caliber to be included in their most special day.

A pre-inquiry is evaluating you before giving you the time of day. They are truly being judgmental of every aspect they can find of your business online and if something isn’t up to “par,” you’re not getting them as an actual “inquiry.”  So, how do you look?

Do you look like you invested $8 on a website for your business or did you actually do the right thing and build a real business asset that serves your couples?

I know that’s harsh, but it’s hardly as harsh as what these couples are saying about you as they dig under the hood and check you out. I’d rather be the voice of reason that can help you improve your odds of getting the inquiry and opportunity to earn their business. The truth is, if you don’t pass the pre-inquiry evaluation of a bride – even if they were referred to you by a client, friend, etc. they will not choose you. Let that sink in for a moment…

Think long and hard about this truth. You want more referrals for your business right? We all do, they are the best clients by far. But, realize this… for every couple that is referred to you, they are also being referred to multiple others at the same time. This means the pre-inquiry evaluation is going to determine if you are in the running or not.

Just imagine how many weddings you miss out on because you don’t look good when they are doing their first glance at you online. 

What will you do about it? Will you just move forward without making a change or will you be a smart business owner and better position yourself to win more often in that pre-inquiry stage and get the inquiry? I hope for the latter.

From The Top | Pre-Inquiries | Book More Weddings And Make More Profit