Facebook Ads for Growing Page Likes Fast

  by JoeRare

Sep 18, 2018 · 2 minutes min read

Video training below… but first read this to get the context.

There is a lot of questions around how to gain followers for your Facebook business page. For me, as a wedding industry business owner and as a marketer, I think the pursuit of “Likes” on a Facebook page these days is nearly useless.

…Notice I said, “nearly.”

There are three scenarios where “Likes” are important on your business page and they are in this order:

  1. Social Proof
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. You’re an actual content creator and plan to use the page as a content platform

Other than those three reasons, you should only give about 10 minutes of your attention to gaining followers.
Now let me explain why that is with a short list, in no particular order:

  1. Facebook’s algorithm strongly hinders organic reach. It’s down to less than 6% of your following will see your posts.
  2. Followers don’t equate to income, they never have and never will. The followers belong to Facebook, not you.
  3. No one really cares how many followers you have.
  4. You’re most likely not a content creator and if you are, you will still need to invest in ads to gain enough reach anyway.
  5. It takes too much time to focus on followers and not just go after building the income of your business.
  6. Again… followers do not equate to income. Followers are NOT customers or clients.

With all of that nice disappointing stuff said, check out how I took a brand new page from 10 followers to almost 1,300 in a few days and for only $45.16.

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And just so you can see some additional context, here is another account that was brand new, this ad set was run directly to a very specific audience explained in the video below. That is what created the difference in the cost per like and cost per engagement.

Both of these campaigns have been extremely effective to fill my ONLY reasons for having Facebook likes on these pages: 1. Social Proof and 2. Facebook Ads.
Now, watch the video to see how you can do this as well.

Facebook Ads for Growing Page Likes Fast | Book More Weddings