Below you’ll find options for getting in touch with Joe or the WBS team.

Here’s how to best use them:

  • Consulting: Are you in need of some consulting for your wedding business? Which area of your business needs the attention? Joe and Patrick combine forces to offer the most dynamic consulting duo for wedding industry professionals.
  • The Venue System or other Programs: Are you ready to take control of your business, put the right systems in place and use proven strategies to book more weddings? Let's get started.
  • Hire Joe to Speak: If you're looking to have Joe speak to your team, as a keynote for an event or any other speaking opportunities.
  • All Things Trainings: If you have any questions about some of the trainings we conduct, how to get access or questions about a purchase of a training, let us know here.
  • General Inquiries: If you need anything outside of the above options, let us know here.