(and he’s really good at marketing)

Joe has been an inquiring business mind for as long as he can remember. The most vivid moment was on an RV trip from California to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with his father and two younger siblings.

He spent most of the first leg of the trip reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.

That book would transcend him into a world of entrepreneurship, business building and marketing for businesses of all sizes and in over 17 industries.

Of course, landing him here in the wedding industry and changing the way venues and vendors book weddings.


(he disrupted the wedding industry)

Patrick was called to the wedding industry in a very unique way, buying his venue nearly sight-unseen and having zero knowledge of the industry.

His wife Monica and he, moved their young family from Boise, ID, literally into their historic lodge of a venue, to build what has become the Gem of the Sierras. 

Over 16 years and thousands of weddings later, their mission is still being fulfilled…

They give couples the most unique and incredible experience imaginable, by literally, giving them absolutely everything they have the ability to give.


Joe entered the wedding industry by joining up with Patrick at his venue, the Forest House Lodge where he runs their digital marketing.

You can check out that case study by clicking here.

Joe knew the industry was ripe for some great marketing, the use of sales and marketing systems and installing automation into the businesses.

“It was a complete shock at first to see that almost no one in the industry knew of, or was using marketing automation and return-path strategies. These are what we’ve been doing in most other industries for nearly a decade.

I guess I better become the industry leader.

But there was one problem… Joe’s close friend Patrick didn’t really like marketing and had built his entire business on referrals.

That was until 2009 when the world economy collapsed and so did the bookings at his venue.

“We almost lost the business. It was a very stressful time in my life and I have no idea how we made it out alive.”

Even still, as the economy improved and bookings increased, Patrick and the Forest House still hit a wall. They couldn’t scale up over the 60 weddings a year mark.

Finally, after enough friendly nagging, Joe convinced Patrick to allow him to run some marketing “proof of concept” tests. At least that’s what he told Patrick.

He helped move the Forest House Lodge from a successful venue, to becoming one of the premier wedding venues in Northern California.

By leveraging strategies that no other competitor is using, he attracted new leads on demand for the venue, helped with a sales system that delivered “ready and qualified” couples to engage with the sales manager and the result was an ROI of over 26,000%.

And this is happening month-in and month-out.